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Metal Shades

Metal Shades


This part of Home lighting focusses on the very fashionable designs of metal lampshades

Some shapes are very traditional but modernised by a wide variety of fashionable colours which mean the lamps, mostly white inside, illuminate and spread the light right across kitchens and dining room areas. This is their primary fashionable usage with colours that are so contemporary and essential to modern decor, that they have become the cutting edge of modern decor.

Oddly enough some shapes are contemporaries of factory lighting but vibrant colours have completely transformed their shape which are pleasing and house friendly.

There are also other colours which resonate metals like chrome, silver, copper, gold and antique brass which are either painted or metal plated.

The shades come in shapes that that spread the light , like the pluto and the coolie (the SP380 and SP390), over kitchens and dining areas or work surfaces. Whilst others focus the light down over a table to give an intimate dining atmoshere like the cafe bistro.(SP410)

The use of the right bulb is essential and our globe warm white decor bulbs, low energy, 20 watt give the equivalent of a 100 watt of diffused light.

Click onto sizes shapes, colours and choose the largest range of low cost shapes currently on the market.

Finish your purchase with a warmwhite bulb for intimacy or a day light bulb for a brighter light , each designed to to enhance and finish and create the mood of your dining and kitchen areas.

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