They say that necessity is the mother of invention; this proverb has never been truer than in financial crisis experienced over the last 6 years. Although the UK is now “technically” out of recession, getting finance is still harder than ever before with banks requiring larger deposits before offering a mortgage and property prices in the south especially London still out of reach for many people. Similar scenarios are also replicated in places such as the US and other highly urbanised Western European countries where land and property prices are at a premium. This has led to innovative companies such as the Canada based Nomad Micro Homes entering the UK Property market to offer a very compact solution in the form of highly modern and eco friendly self build flat packed Micro homes, which increasingly seems to be becoming a trend, albeit an ultra niche one. These types of homes would be ideal if you have a small plot of land with planning permission and need the extra space for guests or a live-in relative such as an offspring who hasn’t quite found their wings yet or an older relative who comes to stay. In many cases these homes are flat packed and due to the size and way they are made, they may be quite formulaic in their styles. So the question which then arises is that how can you add your own character and flair to a micro-home without ticking every box in the builders option list?

sofa bed

One way is by choosing the right furniture and storage to make use of the more compact floor space whilst still remaining stylish. One example is the two seater Supra sofa bed shown above which is available from, it offers the dual purpose benefits of a sofa bed whilst still maintaining the aesthetics look of a typical 2 seat sofa. In a home of small proportions it is inevitable that the TV may become the main focal point of the main room, so it’s important for the TV to be compact enough to fit in within the property as well as exude elegance not only in picture quality but also in its design and appearance.


sony tv

The Sony W7 LED series shown above hits this nail on the head, with a thin 32inch variant available, the TV offers the silky smooth design style which one can expect from a Sony in a product that can be easily fitted to a wall to save on limited floor space. Once the furnishings are in place and the appropriate sized and designed televisions have been selected, we need to think about the lighting options within the building. As the proportions of the main rooms are going to be small it’s important that the lighting options are warm and subtle, and combined with a highly energy efficient low voltage bulbs such as a low voltage GU10 LED Spotlight or another such as the B22 Golf Bulb combined with good quality metal light shade such as the Stepped design metal dome shade shown below:

copper metal shade

The above metal lamp shade is available to buy through the It offers an unusual yet visually pleasing design that adds character to a main living/sitting area of a micro home whilst still maintaining a very contemporary feel. This particular shade does come in a variety of metallic colour finishes so as to suit many room colour themes. So in conclusion we know that choosing to live in a micro home may mean sacrificing space, but it doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style.