Our Tiffany Dragonfly is a modern take on a classic piece. Each piece is carefully made with specially cut pieces of glass and jewels, which come to life when infused with light. For Tiffany stained glass lamps and shades the Dragonfly is always a stand-out collection, and ours is no different. Set against a beige background, the Dragonfly is flying above an array of colourful flowers. It is a nice and light design, which would fit into both modern and traditional settings, this timeless collection is a must for Tiffany admirers. In this range we can offer: A Torchiere Standard lamp Table Lamps available in 8 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch diameters. Tiffany Pendants 12 incj and 16 inch (shades) with suspension chain and ceiling rose Easy Fit 18 inch Uplighter And Wall light