The Cafe Bistro range of Metal easy fit pendants are very funky, coming in a range of modern colours, to work with most decor. The pendant is designed to direct the light downwards, making them ideal for over a dining table. Being ideally suited for kitchen, dining rooms, conservatories, they do also lend themselves to other rooms within the house, such as kids rooms or games rooms. They are very durable being made from Stainless Steel. They are painted to a high standard, with the colour being on the outside, and gloss white on the inside, giving a fantastic reflection of light when the bulb is on. This superb range is offered in the following contemporary and classic colours, cream, black, olive green, purple, silver, navy blue, and copper. Having a dual shade ring they are compatible with the regular 29mm shade ring associated with older houses, and the 42mm shade ring which new build houses have. Go great with our Low Energy Globe bulbs, or you can use standard 60W GLS Bulbs or any low energy equivalent.